Cycling Industries Europe’s call to the next EU Commission

From zero carbon mobility to a world-class industry

Cycling industry leaders set the agenda for the new European Commission:  A world-class European cycling industry and sustainable mobility in 10 steps.

Cycling Industries Europe members have delivered a 10-point action plan on behalf of the cycling business sector which, if implemented, will accelerate growth in cycle use and support creation of a world-class industry with a million new jobs.

CIE companies remind the incoming EU Commission that cycling has proven that it can grow faster than any other mode of transportation, with proven technologies, efficient use of resources and an ambitious industrial plan that can deliver over a million new jobs in Europe.

That's why the CIE Manifesto calls for EU backing for infrastructure, fiscal support, regulatory consistency and industrial development that will maximise the contribution of our industry to the wellbeing of people, EU growth and job creation.

Join us in making Europe the best place in the world to be in the bicycle business.

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