No stopping Portuguese bike exports as growth reaches 38%

Eurostat data conrms. Importantly, e- bike exports grew by more than 60%. For the third consecutive year, Portugal continues to be the largest bike producer in Europe.

Investment in production

"These figures are the result of all the work thathas been done, in terms of production effort, butalso, and fundamentally, in terms of growth in thescale of value in bike production,” declared theSecretary General of ABIMOTA, Gil Nadaisreferring to the investment in production capacityin Portugal. whichincludes Carbon Team, Fritz Jou and RTE.

“It is remarkable that production and exports of e-bikes grew by more than 60%. We cannot fail tomention that in components, especially in thegroup of pedals and cranksets, as well as in bicycleframes, the growth was over 70%. As weannounced earlier, May had been the best monthever, but July surpassed all values, reaching almost€100 mln in terms of export value,” Nadaisconfirmed.

Leading position in Europe

"The figures provided by Eurostat confirmed ours,which indicated that Portugal continued, andcontinues, to grow significantly in bicycle exports.In 2021, we exported 2,900,000 bicycles, whichkeeps us in the lead, for the third consecutiveyear," concluded Gil Nadais.

During Eurobike, ABIMOTA announced that itexpects last year’s record sales of €594 mln will besurpassed again in 2022. The record export level inMay and now also in July clearly shows that thecountry’s industry is well on track.


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