Miranda Prepares Next Expansion of Factory

AGUEDA, Portugal - Miranda & Irmao is one of the initiators and strong promotors of the Portugal Bike Value. "This idea was born to make Portugal's industry stronger," says Miranda President Joao Miranda. As bicycle parts manufacturer, Miranda & Irmao is more and more focusing on its core business: drive train components.

The strategy to improve speed-to-market resulted at Miranda’s substantial investments in CAAD tooling, rapid prototyping technology as well as forging solutions and fatigue analyses software. The company has been manufacturing a wide range of bicycle parts over the years, but we now concentrate on cranks and full cranksets. With this strategy, Miranda also offers its customers more flexibility in the production but also extended the range of product finishes. “We have done major improvements on product level, but most important is of course our short lead time,” explain Joao Miranda. “The combination of our increased flexibility in production and our proximity to the European bicycle industry which we can reach within three days driving by truck give us a major competitive advantage. Short lead times has become one of our main selling points but customers also praise our flexibility and our wide offering is finishes which makes it possible for our customers to distinguish their bikes.”

More investments to grow capacity

To grow its capacity Miranda built an additional hall, while they also acquired their neighboring plot of 15,000 square meters for a future construction of another hall. This one will be ready by 2020. Not only a participant in the Triangles aluminum frame production project, Miranda also invested substantially in new machinery, technology and production engineering. The results of this investment program became clear when touring the factory floor. Major changes have taken place here compared with previous visits to Miranda. Every square meter has been occupied to give space to a lot of new machinery while some old ones are still left in order to be phased out. The process of the transformation of the factory is in full swing while the production is continuing in order to keep up the company’s standard of short delivery times.

Introduction of electronics

The latest addition to the already wide drive train related product was the cold forged index chainring. At Eurobike Miranda entered an al new phase with the unveiling of a power meter. Though closely related to the crank, Miranda enters an all new era with the introduction of electronics.

Besides Miranda’s role as promotor of the Portugal Bike Value the company is also a strong advocate of cycling. To promote bicycle mobility, to reduce car traffic, and to encourage employees to ride more, plans for a new e-bike area are already underway in Águeda. The company will provide e-bikes to its staff to give people the possibility to experience cycling when commuting. At the same time they are also testing new products. This bike park is planned to launch in some months.

Fonte: https://www.bike-eu.com/34315/miranda-prepares-next-expansion-of-factory

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