Electric bike design company Neomouv acquires partner company Unibike

LEVA-EU member Neomouv, electric bike design specialist, has announced the purchase of Unibike, a Portuguese company with a new assembly plant. Based in La Flèche (Sarthe, France), Neomouv formed a partnership with Unibike in 2018, of which 80% of capital is now acquired by Neomouv.

The alliance between the two bicycle specialists saw each with their own tasks. Designs were made by La Flèche-based Neomouv, while assembly and paintwork were completed by Unibike, whose new assembly plant located between Porto and Lisbon boasts a construction capacity of 250,000 electric bikes per annum. Built in 2021, the plant covers 15,000 m², and operates an automated system.

A statement about the purchase concluded, “This acquisition is made possible thanks to the support of the group’s shareholders, including Sodero Gestion, a historical investor.” €2.7 million was raised by the acquisition that keeps Founding Director Philippe Vaxelaire as the majority shareholder.

Although Neomouv and Unibike will continue to operate separately, the purchase will allow Neomouv “to accelerate its development in the electric bicycle market, secure its production and make it gain agility and innovation capacity.” Unibike is set to benefit from Neomouv’s expansive knowledge in design, purchase and supply of electric bikes. 

Fonte: https://leva-eu.com/electric-bike-design-company-neomouv-acquires-partner-company-unibike/


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