Rodi invests €18 million in new wheels and rims factory

AVEIRO, Portugal - Rodi Industries has started the construction of a new production facility for its cycling business, which will be completed by the end of this year. The new factory will not only allow for the optimisation of the flow and production capacity, but will also lead to the installation of a new anodizing line, which will improve the quality of the products and open the door to the production of other bicycle and e-bike related products.The investment scheme was initiated in 2021. In that same year, Rodi experienced a 50% increased in sales in production of rims and wheel, confirmed Armando Levi Silva, President and CEO of RODI Industries, SA in an interview with Gestão Empresarial.

“We aim to continue to grow in a sustained way in the face of the evolution and demands of this market.” In 2020 Rodi also invested €2 million in new production equipment to capitalise on the e-bike boom.

Millions of rims

Annually Rodi produces more than 3 million rims and 400,000 aluminum bicycle wheels for large distribution groups. Founded in 2005, the brand Blackjack was created for the high-end market. Today the brand has its own identity, based on technological innovation and sustainability of its products and processes. All this knowledge was applied in the production of aluminum and carbon rims and wheels, ensuring greater quality and robustness.

Rodi is also the majority shareholder of Triangles, as well as shareholder of carbon bicycle frame manufacturer Carbonteam, together with Portuguese Miranda Bike Parts and Ciclo Fapril as well as Bike Ahead Composites (Germany) and Art Collection (Taiwan).

Besides wheels and rims, Rodi is also a leading manufacturer in stamping two-vat stainless steel sinks. The company has also invested in construction of a new factory to produce composite sinks. Rodi employs a total of 400 people.



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