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ABIMOTA Portugal Fest on the way to Australia


The participation in the Micromobility Conference in Sidney is part of the project “ABIMOTA PORTUGAL FEST AUSTRALIA 2022, co-financed by Compete and Portugal 2020.

This participation is for Gil Nadais, Secretary-General of ABIMOTA “a great opportunity to publicize what we do, what our industries do, for the sake of micromobility and soft mobility. On the other hand, it is also a clear recognition by the main international actors, the activity of the Portuguese row of the two wheels and soft mobility. ”

“When we were invited to participate and present the Portugueses sector of two weels and soft mobility, we were integrated into a restricted group of global players in this sector, with strong exposure to markets outside Europe, as is the case of Asia and Pacific .” Said the Secretary-General of ABIMOTA.

Gil Nadais Gil Nadais, Secretary-General of ABIMOTA (photo: archive)

Abimota 2020 rodape

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