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Portugal Bike Value at your fingertips


On 20 July will be launched the first digital platform dedicated to the promotion of the portuguese sector of soft mobility exports and, once again, ABIMOTA is at the “pole position” of innovation, with another tool for the internationalization of the portuguese sector.

Portugal Bike Value Digital Show will be available to the public from 20 to 23 July and intends to assert itself as the showcase of the two-wheel sector and smooth mobility that Portugal has to offer in the international market. Later it will remain as a platform for external promotion.

In a "different" year, in which COVID-19 makes it difficult to hold and take part in fairs and exhibitions and in which the constraints to travel are a reality, it was necessary to "roll up our sleeves" and create something totally new, which in the virtual world allows to have an experience as real as possible and, fundamentally, facilitates the relationship between the portuguese sector and international markets.

This new platform was developed by a multidisciplinary team, led by ABIMOTA, and according to its Secretary General, Gil Nadais, "Portugal Bike Value Digital Show aims to provide an experience as close as possible to reality, allowing the user to have a feeling of almost being live on site. We understand that we should apply the “think local act globally” rule, and so a new exhibition and trading space is created to place the Portuguese sector of smooth mobility accessible to buyers and brands around the world… just a click away."

Portugal Bike Value program thus has a new tool, which provides the sector with even greater visibility, thus continuing in the mission of internationalization of the Portuguese two-wheel cluster and smooth mobility, which is thus at the "fingertips" of the global market.

The Portugal Bike Value Digital Show, will be held as a virtual "fair" from 20 to 23 July, but will later become patent as a digital platform for international promotion of the Portuguese sector, named as Portugal Bike Value Digital Market.


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