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Polisport Group adopts tomorrow's technology today

Polisport Logo Corporate 2011 sem fundo

HRP – Hollow Reinforced Parts and APT – Aero Parts Technology are revolutionary technologies that allow greater durability, greater flexibility in production and, above all, reduction of the carbon footprint.

With the adoption of these technologies, the Polisport Group, world leader in the manufacture of bicycle baby seats for children's mobility, strengthens its position as an OEM partner and as an innovative industrial group committed to protect the environment.

APT, acronym for Aero Parts Technology, departs from mixing metals with polymers.

For example, by using aluminum that is “blended” with certain plastic components, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. The lightness and resistance, for example, to compression of aluminum and the ability to resist traction and recover the original shape of plastic materials, it´s now possible to be achieved.

With the implementation of APT technology, which is already fully tested and available to the general public, it is possible to develop unbreakable parts and components with lifetime durability.

In this way, lower consumption is promoted, as the need to replace parts is practically nil and, therefore, less environmental pressure, lower consumption of resources and better performance in terms of energy consumption.

HRP, the acronym for Hollow Reinforced Parts, that is exactly what it is all about. This technology allows the creation of parts and components without welding, allows the creation of lighter parts and, for example, eliminates the classic painting process, as the parts leave the line already in the final color

With this technology, lighter and more resistant parts are possible to be achieved, with greater freedom for designers and better image; allows shorter distribution chains, since as an OEM partner of the main European brands, the group's companies are closer to their customers and, fundamentally, these are 100% recyclable parts.

Thus, the final consumer receives lighter, more efficient and ecologically responsible products, but it will still be necessary to wait about six months, as the Polisport Group only expects to have the HRP technology available to the public from mid-2023.

The words of the Polisport Group´s CEO

“Environmental and social concerns issues, such as optimizing manufacturing processes, increasing product quality and working conditions for our employees, are an integral part of the Polisport Group's DNA and the brands that make it up."

"We seek constant process improvement and as an OEM partner, we seek the best solutions for our customers. We understand that only in this way, and with this way of being concerned with the our day´s fundamental issues, it´s possible to be competitive."

"It´s only possible to have excellent products, with employees who are committed and comfortable in their respective jobs. Only by being ecologically and socially responsible we will  be able to project ourselves into the future, into that future in which we want to be present and reinforce our position as global market leaders.”

Pedro Araujo 2 Pedro Araújo, Polisport Group´s CEO

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