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Polisport Group adopts ColorADD™

Polisport Logo Corporate 2011 sem fundo

ColorADD™ is a graphic code developed by the Portuguese designer Miguel Neiva, which allows colorblind people to identify colors.

For the Polisport Group, the world leader in the manufacture of seats for children's mobility on bicycles, values ​​such as environmental protection, social responsibility and integration are part of the DNA´s Polisport Group.

By adopting ColorADD™ on its products, the Polisport Group allows colorblind people to know which colors are available and make a consciously choice.

Color blindness is a vision problem that is characterized by the inability to perceive all or some colors. It is assumed that there are more than 350 million color blinded people worldwide.

Thus, ColorADD™ - color identification system for color blind people, makes it possible to make color accessible to everyone. By creating symbols for black, white and primary colors and by combining these symbols by defining secondary and grey colors, the system developed by Miguel Neiva allows color-blind people to overcome the barriers that a world of colored information created.

“Integration concerns are part of our DNA. By adopting ColorADD™ we are contributing for a better world, making color perception easier for people with color blindness.” Said Pedro Araújo, CEO of Grupo Polisport, who emphasizes, “that we see social and environmental responsibility as part of our way of working and living.”

There are several programs that the Polisport Group adopts in environmental and social responsability areas. The development of bottles with ecological polymers developed from sugar cane or cork. The “Save the Bees” program, which of consists in the purchase of a child transportation chair from Bobike, a group's “premium” brand, contributes to the protection of the most important living being on the planet, the bee.

However, environmental and social issues are not limited to these programs, as in the various units spread across Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil and the United States, there is a continuous search for process optimization, promoting energy savings, fighting waste and promoting the well-being of employees and populations.

Currently, you can find the ColorADD™ code in the Bobike and Catlike brands. These were the ones chosen to start implementing this code and that have already adopted it in the 2023 collection. This system is still implemented at Grupo Polisport's facilities.

“By adopting ColorADD™ we are making our contribution to improving the lives of a population estimated at more than 350 million people worldwide.” Concluded the founder of the world's leading group in the production of chairs for children's mobility on bicycles, Pedro Araújo.

Pedro Araujo 2 Pedro Araújo, CEO of the Polisport Group.

colorAdd Bobike Example of the Bobike Catalog, with the introduction of ColorADD™


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