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North of Portugal: Beer Sunset, the best sunset in the Universe

logo beer sunset

Beer Sunset will animate Jardim do Morro at Vila Nova de Gaia, from July the 6th to 8th. Concerts and a new beer will be presented to the public.

Beer, street food and music, there are three editions like this in Jardim do Morro and the next event will not be different, it will only be bigger, because there is nothing better them live music to accompany the "best sunset in the universe".

From Jardim do Morro in Gaia, you can enjoy a stunning sunset (probably the best in the Universe) and the best urban landscape in the world, according to the Beer Sunset organization. In fact, according to the team of Completa Mente, organization of the event, this "is a unique landscape and should be properly promoted and publicized. This site deserves it! "

This year, Beer Sunset is back with Estrella Damm and this brewery again supports and brings to the event several beers being of special mention Malquerida, a fresh and beautifully reddish colored beer, well suited for an warm summer afternoon.

Estrella Damm is a beer with character, gastronomic and that goes very well with street food. Therefore, to follow up we will have several types of street food, from sweet to savory and Brazilian food the most traditional Portuguese flavors. The various flavors of Estrella Damm are the ideal accompaniment.

To accompany music, a lot of music, with a meeting of veteran Elements that sing in academic choirs, for Friday afternoon, and with the God Tellers festival, for Friday and Saturday night, with HMB being headlining for Saturday.

According to the Beer Sunset organization, "we are very excited about the festival. The Municipality of Gaia launched the challenge and we embraced it with all the enthusiasm. This festival adds value to a unique spot such as Jardim do Morro, where you can enjoy a unique view of the best urban landscape in the world and probably the best sunset in the universe... for us, of course."

Beer Sunset runs from July the 6th to the 8th at Jardim do Morro in Gaia.

BS por de sol2 Beer Sunset at Jardim do Morro, in Gaia, North of Portugal, from July the 6th to 8th.